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Welcome to Essilor of America

Ethics & Compliance


Commitment to our Principles & Values

Essilor of America (“EOA”) takes great pride in being a part of the Essilor Group, an organization with a long and accomplished history, and guided by a powerful mission: “improving lives by improving sight.” Innovation is at the heart of this mission, touching everything from our products, services, business models to even our governance. 

At Essilor, we believe that doing business with integrity improves performance through managing risks, strengthening our reputation and providing a competitive advantage.  

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Code of Conduct

As part of the Essilor Group, EOA is committed to maintaining the trust and support of key stakeholder groups: customers, employees, investors and commercial partners. While not all inclusive, the EOA Code of Conduct serves as one of the foundational documents that guides EOA’s actions across a broad spectrum of activities.

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

EOA follows the Essilor Group Guidelines to Prevent Bribery and Corruption except for instances where EOA policies may be more restrictive. As such, EOA will not engage directly or indirectly in bribery and corruption. Bribery and/or corruption is characterized by the act of directly or indirectly offering, receiving, promising or granting an undue advantage to/from a third party in order to have them, perform, delay or neglect to perform an act that is directly or indirectly part of their or your duties.  All activities of this nature are prohibited.

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Commitment to Integrity

Ensuring that our work is done in an ethical and responsible way is of the utmost importance to the Essilor Group and EOA.  The Essilor culture is built on a strong set of values and principles that guide our employees’ behavior.  The Essilor Group Code of Ethics sets out the way in which our Principles & Values guide us in our day-to-day business.


Handling Complaints

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EOA is committed to building and maintaining a culture of integrity. We actively encourage employees and business partners to report actual or suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, Principles and Values and other laws and/or policies.  We realize that fear of reprisals can make people hesitant to speak up, which is why we enforce clear policies to prevent retaliation against any employee reporting an issue.

Ethics Point offers EOA employees a third party channel through which to report misconduct. Through Ethics Point, employees that are not comfortable reporting suspected violations to their manager, HR, Legal or Compliance may report and remain anonymous, if desired.  Reported incidents are reviewed by management and investigated.