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13 Reasons to Celebrate your Eyes this Healthy Vision Month

By Essilor News

For Healthy Vision Month, we’re doing our part to bring awareness to the importance of good eye health. To do this, we asked both eyecare pros and Essilor employees what healthy vision means to them, and we got some great responses around the integral part eyes play in a person’s life. Read more to get the expert opinion on exceptional eyecare and how to prioritize your eyes.

  1. “Healthy eyes are the beginning to seeing more and doing more.Healthy vision can change my life and my world.”
    -Dr. Sandra Hammon, O.D.
  2. “To me, healthy vision means having the peace of mind that you will be able to view the world clearly and comfortably, now and for the years to come.”
    - Dr. Long D Tran, O.D.
  3. “Healthy vision means making your eyes a priority, protect them at every opportunity, and have them checked regularly. The beauty of our world is best seen with great vision, protect your eyes today and every day.”
    -Dr. David M. Anderson, O.D.
  4. “Healthy vision means an enhanced quality of life, more vibrant experiences and a greater awareness of the beauty that is all around us.”
    - Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D.
  5. “Clarity, comfort, and peace of mind.”
    -Dr. Mark Bullimore, O.D.
  6. “Healthy Vision to me means having eyes that see great, look great and feel great today and for many, many tomorrows to come!”
    - Dr. Ryan Powell, O.D.
  7. Healthy Vision means not only clear eyesight, but eyes that are clear of disease and inflammation. Dryness, redness, and irritation could all be signs of chronic eye disease with major long term impacts on vision performance! Every person should have their ocular health assessed, even if they don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, as a part of their routine preventative care.
    - Dr. Jennifer Lyerly, O.D.
  8. “Healthy vision is and should be a way of life. It's not only about clear vision, but also about the physical health of the eyes. It includes having the correct prescription by way of glasses, contact lenses, refractive surgery or implantable lenses. But it also includes protection from the sun's ultraviolet light, safety eyewear for activities and occupations as well as a good diet of healthy fruits, vegetables and even fish.”
    -Dr. Craig M. Brawley, O.D.
  9. Healthy vision is comfortable clarity that's there whenever, wherever, and however you need it.
    - Dr. Mike Pawlowski, O.D.
  10. “Healthy vision means to me that eyes are corrected of their refractive errors, and without any pathology. Healthy vision can be preserved by wearing sunglasses, annual eye exams, and eating healthy foods.”
    -Dr. Courtney Dryer, OD
  11. "As an optician, I provide healthy vision through products that help the patient see clearly today while providing the protection required to see clearly for a lifetime of tomorrows."
    - Pete Hanlin, Senior Director of Professional Solutions, Essilor of America
  12. "Healthy vision means that one day every parent will think of their kids’ eye health as a regular part of their overall health."
    - Becky Palm, President and Executive Director of Essilor Vision Foundation
  13. “Healthy vision is more than just seeing clearly. It means using the latest technology to ensure our patient’s visual system is healthy and then providing state of the art solutions that not only deliver world-class vision but protect their precious gift of sight.”
    -Dr. Ryan Parker, O.D.

Now, it’s your turn to share what healthy vision means to you! Share your favorite quote from the list and tell us how you prioritize your eye health. Make sure to use #Essilor, so we can see all your great replies. We can’t wait to see them!