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4 Simple Tips To Avoid Foggy Glasses

By Essilor News

Are your glasses putting you in harm's way? When it comes to humid, foggy situations, your glasses could very well become a hazard. Those who wear glasses are all too familiar with the annoying condensation that seems to instantly take over vision as lenses fog up during simple, common tasks like sipping a cup of coffee or boiling a pot of water. But aside from the frustrations, foggy glasses are also potentially dangerous - particularly for those who operateheavy machinery, first responders to emergency situations, and those who work in jobs that require clear vision at all times. Luckily, there is an effective solution to help four-eyed people stay fog-free.

Common Situations Leading to Foggy Glasses
Foggy glasses can happen during some very common, everyday activities such as:

  • Cooking over a hot stove
  • Sipping a cup of coffee
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Opening a warm oven or steamy dishwasher
  • Playing sports and exercising outdoors
  • Working out in a gym
  • Moving from cold to warm environments, such as from the cold weather outdoors to a heated indoor room, and vice versa

How to Avoid Foggy Glasses
It's not easy for anyone to avoid some of the situations mentioned above, so we wouldn't want to tell glasses wearers that those activities are completely off-limits to them - right? There are easier ways to avoid the annoyance and dangers of foggy glasses.

  • Ask your eye doctor about anti-fog glasses - Optifog lenses include an exclusive anti-fog property that works as wearers apply a drop of a specially formulated activator to each side of the lenses once a week. The anti-fog coating of the lenses durably retains the activator, preventing fog from appearing.
  • Select the right pair of eyeglass frames - When choosing frames, pick a style that allows for more air circulation by not sitting too close to your face.
  • Wear a headband during physical activities - A headband can help soak up any sweat that forms on your face and help reduce the condensation that can build up on your glasses.
  • Don't overdress - Be cautious of how many layers you're wearing and try not to overdress your neck, head, and face. Overdressing can cause your body to overheat and sweat which can cause your glasses to fog.