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4 Tips To Get That Annoying Piece Of Dust Out Of Your Eye

By Essilor News

There's really no way around it-getting something in your eye is painful! The irritation, burn, excessive blinking, redness and overall annoyance is enough to make you want to stop everything and pay attention. Here are four simple ways to get stuff out of your eyes.

Inspect your eye
First, and perhaps most important, always wash your hands! You don't want to infect or get more junk in your eye. Make sure not to rub the eye, as it could scratch your cornea. And, do not poke your eye with anything that has a sharp tip (stay away from tweezers and cotton swabs).

Next, try to figure out the location of the object, checking near your eyelids, the cornea or conjunctiva (the insides of your upper and lower eyelids). Then, try to figure out the type of object-an eyelash, makeup, dirt, etc.

Flush your eye with water
Most often, your eyes will tear up and wash out the culprit. If that doesn't happen, find a clean sink or another source of clean water and a towel. Fill up your hands (after you wash them!) and flush water in your eye for a few times. Take a towel, pat dry and see if the pain and object have gone away.

Move your eyelids around
If the object is still there, try moving your eyelids around. Pull your upper eyelid over the lower one and roll your eye upwards. Release and see if the item has fallen out near your eyelashes or on your face.

Visit the eye doctor
If all else fails and everything's getting worse, know when to seek professional help. If you have a large foreign body like glass or metal embedded in your eye, go to the doctor's office or the ER immediately.

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