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Ditch The Blue Light- And Ditch The Bad-Light Blues?

By Essilor News

The color blue-often cited by people as their favorite color-is a hue that carries many contradictions. There are many positive associations: the bright blue sky, clear blue waters and even strong suggestions that blue shades used as interior wall colors are promoters of office productivity and calm feelings. Yet there are considerable scientific findings indicating that blue light, specifically of a certain wavelength, may actually be harmful for the eyes.

Blue wavelengths are helpful during waking hours, as they boost attention, mood and reaction speed; however, at night, these same blue wavelengths disrupt your body's natural cycle and can lead to eye-related health risks.

Exposure and Its Hazards

The research isn't conclusive by any means, but there are growing indications that increased exposure to blue light is associated with rising numbers of people suffering from age-related macular degeneration .

There is stronger evidence that at the very least, the exposure to blue light can negatively affect sleep patterns-and those effects can cascade into other health issues. Exposure to such light suppresses melatonin, a regulatory factor in sleep patterns.

Beating the Blues

So, what to do? The first order of advice is simply being aware that there are risks associated with blue light. Neither kids nor adults should stare fixedly at screens for extended periods of timewithout breaks. Those breaks from the screen should include going outside, if possible, or at the very least exercising the 20-20-20 rule.

Around the home or office, seek out the light bulbs commercially available that minimize the blue-light emissions. Finally, considereyeglasses that help alleviate the strain on eyes from extended use of digital devices. Eyezen� glasses selectively filter out harmful blue light emitted from the screens of phones, tablets, televisions and computers. Visit your eye doctor today to check on your eye health.