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Do You Have Presbyopia?

By Essilor News

June 8, 2016

Are you holding your mobile phone or other objects at arm’s length to see them clearly? Are you having trouble reading small print? Is it hard for you to read in low light? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you’re 40 or over, you may have presbyopia.

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that eventually affects everyone, no matter how good your vision was when you were younger. The eye’s soft and flexible crystalline lens hardens over time, making it hard for the eye to change focus and to see objects clearly up close.

Here are some common symptoms of presbyopia:

•        Difficulty reading in low light

•        Trouble reading small print

•        Difficulty reading up close or blurred vision up close

•        Experiencing eye strain or headaches after reading or doing close work

Presbyopia can be easily treated with progressive spectacle lenses. Varilux® offered the very first progressive spectacle lens and is still the leader today. Varilux progressive lenses provide sharper vision at every distance, and the unique W.A.V.E. Technology eliminates the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses.

Contact your eyecare professional if you’re experiencing any symptoms of presbyopia.