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Essilor Launches New Generation Of Optifog Lenses

By Essilor News


DALLAS – June 5, 2014 – From outdoor exercise, to cooking over a hot stove, to working in environments where precision and safety are critical, eyeglass wearers understand the frustrations created by wearing foggy lenses. In July, Essilor will launch the new and improved Optifog® lenses that have been refreshed to make them easier to use while continuing to keep patients’ vision free from potentially dangerous fog. Patients no longer need a special liquid to activate the anti-fog property on the lenses weekly. Instead, patients will be able to clean and activate Optifog lenses at the same time with the Optifog Activator Cloth.

“As Essilor continues to focus on bringing innovative solutions to address the concerns of eyeglass wearers, we’re excited to launch the enhanced version of Optifog lenses,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “We listened to feedback from patients and eyecare professionals, and with that input in mind we’ve developed a better, easier way to activate the exclusive anti-fog properties on the lenses to ensure patients maintain clear, fog-free vision.”

Optifog lenses include a unique top layer containing fog repellent properties on both the front and back side of the lens that are activated through the daily use of the Optifog Activator Cloth. Simply wiping the Optifog lenses with the Optifog Activator Cloth can provide long-lasting protection against fog.

In a recent pilot study of the new generation of Optifog lenses, wearers expressed highly positive reviews of the product:

• 98% of Optifog wearers were satisfied with its fog repellence efficiency
• 96% of Optifog wearers were satisfied with its ease of use
• 87% of target wearers considered Optifog lenses easy to clean with the Optifog Activator cloth

Two options of Optifog lenses will be available:

• Crizal® Optifog lenses offer complete UV protection on the front and back side of the lens, reduce glare, resist scratches and repel dirt in addition to protection against fog

• TD2® Optifog lenses resist scratches and protect against fog

In conjunction with the launch, Essilor is also unveiling a redesigned look and experience on optifog.comthat is more user-friendly and houses upgraded features such as direct access to the brand’s social media pages and a stream of consumer-focused eye health and brand content from the Essilor newsroom.


About Essilor
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