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Get To Know The Science Behind Your Sunglasses

By Essilor News

Not All Sunglasses Are Made Equal

Sunglasses. They’re all pretty much the same, right? Well it turns out there’s a lot more to the perfect pair than you might think. Believe it or not, a lot of work, skill and what can seem like magic are required to make sure your sunwear provide the ultimate viewing experience.

Here’s an eye-opening look at the science behind your shades.

The Process of Protection

It all begins with safeguarding your eyes. The American Optometric Association suggests using sunglasses that block out 99 to 100 percent of both UV-A and UV-B radiation. That’s why a polarized film is added to Xperio UV™ lenses as the very first method of defense, blocking out the sun’s dangerous glare and harmful UV rays.

Technology Has Your Back

That’s right – even the backs of your lenses need to have UV protection. That’s because sunlight can reflect off the back of your lens and into your eye, causing damage. These added layers keep your eyes safe from any direction.

Mighty Molecules

Okay, so you’ve invested in a great pair of lenses with maximum UV protection. Then it happens — a scratch. If only we could stop them before they even start. Well, good news. Xperio UV lenses feature a hardcoat layer alongside an innovative, backside booster layer for excellent scratch resistance. This booster layer consists of glass-like silica particles that completely coat the lens to prevent annoying and unsightly scratches. They may be tiny but they’re tough.

If that weren’t amazing enough, an anti-particulate layer and anti-static technology help repel dust and dirt to stop scratches before they even start. How cool is that?

This strong treatment is applied to both sides of your lens, making them scratch-resistant to help protect your lenses, improve your vision, and empower your eye for adventure.

Science For The Win

The ultimate pair of polarized sunglasses wouldn’t be complete without a little cool factor. A smudge-resistant, water-repelling and oil-fighting cool factor, that is. Using tightly packed fluorinated molecules to coat each lens, grime and blemishes on your specs are now easier than ever to clean. And it’s all thanks to the great thinking and amazing science behind your sunglasses.

Now that you know more about the difference a little science can make, it’s time to do yourself a favor and ask your eye doctor about sunglasses with Xperio UV lenses. Your eyes will thank you.