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How To Stop Crying: 7 Easy Tips For Tear Control

By Essilor News

Crying. It's one of the most basic human emotional reactions that, like it or not, we all have to deal with at some time in our lives. Given all of the outward facing signs involved with the act of crying - red, watery and puffy eyes, tears, sobbing, and more, it's no wonder many want to know how to stop themselves from crying.

Because of these reasons, and other societal pressures, sometimes it may not feel like the most appropriate time to cry. Sure, most would expect one to cry at a funeral, but would they also expect you to cry uncontrollably during a stressful situation at the office, an awkward social situation with friends, or if you're watching one of these cry inducing movies with a date? Probably not as much. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about an embarrassing cry session any longer. All you have to do is read-and master-these 7 easy tips to keep yourself from crying.

Control your breathing
Crying is typically a response to an extreme emotional situation, which tends to send your breathing patterns into disarray. Focus on bringing your breathing back to a normal flow. Count to ten, take slow deep breaths, and focus on relaxing.

Blink rapidly
Blinking rapidly can help you quickly clear away any initial tears so they don't start rolling down your face. Use this tactic in combination with other ideas listed here for a killer power move that will bring an end to your tears.

Don't blink at all
Alternatively, if you feel a cry coming on, open your eyes as wide as they will go - this could help to cut off the tears before they even start.

Look up
Looking up lets the tears pool slightly at the bottom of your eyelid so they don't immediately run down your face. Looking up can also help cut the flow of tears and get you back to the right frame of mind.

Pinch your nose
Your tear ducts stem from the corners of your eyes down the side of your nose, so pinching the bridge of your nose when you feel the tears start to flow could help stem the tide, or better yet, stop it entirely.

Change your thought patterns
Changing the way you think in the moment is probably one of the most effective, but also the hardest way to stop yourself from crying. Instead of focusing on the reason for crying in the first place, try to think of something entirely different. Think of a happy moment from your past, a funny scene from your favorite movie, or a time in your life that you're particularly proud of - anything to take you out of the moment.

Distract your body
If nothing else works, try distracting your body and confusing it into an entirely different emotional reaction. Pinch yourself, dig your nails into your skin, or bite your lip - just don't go too hard!

At the end of the day, crying is something everyone does, and sometimes, no matter how many ways you try to stop yourself from crying, you just have to let it out. A good cry can be a healthy way to relieve the stress of a situation or to move on from an emotional moment. But should you wish to control this emotion in the moment, be sure to remember one of the tricks we shared above.