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New Advancements For Essilor Laboratories Of America

By Essilor News


DALLAS – (March 23, 2007) – Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc. (ELOA) announces three new and enhanced initiatives for 2007: MyLife Collection™, VISIONARIESSM and an advanced ELOA Practice Builder™. These programs provide eye care professionals (ECPs) with helpful tools to improve practice operations as well as enhance customer service and patient care.

“With each program introduction for ELOA one thing remains the same – our promise to provide ECPs professional support to grow their business and provide patients with quality eye care,” said Réal Goulet, president of Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc. “With MyLife Collection, we have paired patients’ lens options with their lifestyle in order to help them make the best choice for eyewear. Our VISIONARIES program helps ECPs to manage choices for their patients by offering a proprietary process that promotes the benefits of premium lenses. We continue to provide ECPs with tools to manage and maximize their profitability and patient success with ELOA PracticeBuilder.”

Through a network of 106 laboratories across the U.S., exclusive product lines and industry leading programs, Essilor delivers an unmatched level of support and success for new and existing eye care practices. These new and enhanced initiatives bring differentiation, growth and a competitive edge to eye care practices.

MyLife Collection

The new MyLife Collection helps give patients the best vision possible by matching their lenses to their lifestyles.

Essilor understands that everyone sees life differently, and everyone has unique vision needs. MyLife Collection lenses are complete lens solutions – materials, treatments and designs – that are built around the way your patients live. Essilor has identified four consumer categories that correspond with the four main purchase motivations observed in eyeglass wearers throughout the world, and hand-picked the materials, treatments and designs that best meet their needs:

  • MyStyle™ – This category is tailored to patients who are focused on fashion and aesthetics. Choice of frames - shape, style, color, and brand - is the priority for this group.
  • MyMotion™ – Patients who are always on the go who need one pair of durable, versatile lenses for all of their activities - from working at the computer to playing touch football in the park.

  • MyEvolution™ – For those who prefer state-of-the art lenses, this category offers the best combination of technical characteristics and superior performance.

MyValues™ – Dependable values and a good quality/price balance take precedence in this category. Buying glasses is an investment that requires facts and reassurance.


Essilor has also developed MyLife Jr. ™ for its youngest patients.VISIONARIES is a program designed to improve practice operations and patient satisfaction. Patients may have no problem assessing their needs when it comes to selecting frames, but may remain uncertain when it comes to choosing their lenses.This program also encourages ECPs to involve the entire staff in the dispensing process. With VISIONARIES, the dispensing process begins in the waiting room and continues through the exam as well as the dispensary, so patients consider lens options even before their appointment begins.Additionally, the Web site is a great resource on industry news to help give ECPs a competitive edge. Information topics will include the “ABC's of Dispensing,” “Tips and Tools of the Trade” and “Managing Managed Care.” ECPs can download and distribute a variety of printable practice and patient resources.Available images: 318538 - ELOA Practice Builder; 318541 – LiteStyle KidsIQ

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