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New Category Of Preventive Lenses Offer Protection Against Harmful Blue Light And Damaging UV Rays

By Essilor News


DALLAS – March 15, 2013 –Launching in the United States later this year, Crizal® Prevencia™ No-Glare lenses are the latest in lens innovation from Essilor of America, the nation’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses. As the only clear lens solution currently on the market that offers selective protection from harmful blue light and UV rays, these lenses help prevent the early occurrence of certain eye impairment and disease.

Emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers and smart phones, blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum with wavelengths between 380-500 nanometers (nm) A particular range of this  light [465-495 nm] plays a beneficial role on health by regulating the internal biological clock. However, through a four-year partnership with the Paris Vision Institute, Essilor has discovered a specific band of this light [415 – 455 nm] which may have a harmful effect on the retina.

“Our revolutionary Crizal Prevencia lenses help protect the eye from these very specific damaging wavelengths while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through—helping preserve vision and overall well-being while providing the best enduring clarity of vision,” said Howard Purcell, O.D., F.A.A.O., and senior vice president of customer development, Essilor of America.

Crizal Prevencia lenses feature Light Scan, a breakthrough technology allowing the beneficial blue light to pass through the lens while filtering out the harmful blue-violet light that can contribute to the development of age-related macular degeneration. Crizal Prevencia lenses also protect against harmful UV rays that can lead to the development of cataracts.

This new product set also provides the best enduring clarity of vision with the most complete protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water. Additionally, the lenses offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF®) of 25, which means the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV rays than wearing no lenses at all.


About Essilor
Essilor is the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States and is the market leader in progressive, high-index and anti-reflective coated lenses. A pioneer in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses, Essilor employs more than 9,000 people throughout North America. Essilor manufactures optical lenses under the VARILUX®, CRIZAL®, XPERIO®, DEFINITY®, THIN&LITE® and other Essilor brand names. Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc  is the largest, and most trusted, optical lab network in the U.S. and offers a wide choice of services and lens brands, including Essilor premium lenses, to eyecare professionals across the nation. Essilor of America, Inc. (Essilor) is a subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International, a publicly held company traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Reuters: ESSI.PA).
About Paris Vision Institute: Paris Vision Institute (UPMC, Inserm, CNRS) is the 1st French research center dedicated to scientific and medical research on eye diseases. Settled at the heart of the Quinze-Vingts eye hospital, it gathers all the actors of the research around a common objective: accelerate innovation to the benefit of patients.

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VARILUX, CRIZAL, XPERIO, XPERIO UV, E-SPF and DEFINITY are trademarks of Essilor International.  THIN & LITE, E-SPF and the E-SPF design are trademarks of Essilor of America, Inc.  E-SPF is a global index developed by Essilor, endorsed by independent third parties, measuring the lens’ UV protection excluding direct eye exposure from around the lens. E-SPF of 25 means the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV rays than wearing no lenses at all. E-SPF of 25 when Crizal is made with any lens material other than clear 1.5 plastic. E-SPF of 50+ means the wearer is at least 50 times more protected against UV rays versus the naked eye.