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Prone To Pimples Around Your Frames? Here's What To Do

By Essilor News

If you frequently get pimples on the areas of your face that come in contact with your frames, chances are you've already tried all the usual pimple remedies. If those aren't working for you, though, here are three things you can do to make sure your skin is as clear as your vision.

Wipe It Down -
Remember what your mom told you when you asked about your first pimple? Wash your face! But when it comes to getting pimples around your glasses, it maynot be just your skin that needs cleaning: You may need to clean your glasses as well.

Oh, sure, you probably clean your lenses all the time. But have you ever cleaned the frames? It is recommended that you identify your problem areas for acne, such as the bridge of your nose, and gently clean that section of your frames once a day. Soap and water will probably be fine, but if that doesn't do the trick, try using a little rubbing alcohol (ONLY on the frames!) just to be sure.

Stretch It Out -
Of course, dirt and oils aren't the only things that can clog your pores and lead to acne. Dead skin cells can also block pores, especially if, say, they get squashed in there by the frames of your glasses.

Yes, your glasses may feel fine, but it's possible they might actually be too tight. Adjusting the fit of your glasses to keep the frames from squeezing pressure points may help prevent pores from getting clogged. Of course, you don't want your glasses to fall off, but simple adjustments - such as bending the nose pads slightly inwards so the glasses rest higher up on your nose - may alleviate pressure on your skin and your acne with it. Be sure to see your eye doctor or optician for this adjustment.

Clear It Up -
If adjusting your frames and keeping them clean still don't do the trick, it's possible that you may actually be allergic to your glasses!

Sounds crazy, right? But it's true-your frames, especially if they are plastic, could be causing what's known as contact dermatitis. That's a condition where the skin becomes red, itchy and inflamed either through prolonged rubbing or from an allergic reaction. And while it doesn't directly cause acne, all those other symptoms can lead to more dead cells and more clogged pores - and more pimples.

If you think your acne is a side effect of contact dermatitis caused by your frames, you may want to see your eye doctor - or your dermatologist - to discuss alternatives like new frames made from a different material. Because seeing well and looking good should go hand in hand.