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By Essilor News

After a long, hard day at work, most people just want to relax. But that can be difficult when you've got a headache, or a stiff neck or a sore back from extended computer and technology use. If this sounds like you, it's also likely your eyes are overworked too.

So why do long hours at work hurt your vision? And what can you do to fix it?

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Simply put, eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use. Reading or driving can lead to eyestrain, but the most common cause of eyestrain is looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time - known as digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain can cause difficulty focusing and lead to red, dry and itchy eyes, as well as blurred vision, headaches or sensitivity to light. And worse, the strain on your body goes beyond your eyes; some people compensate for eyestrain by leaning forward, changing posture, or even unconsciously clenching the muscles in their shoulders and neck, leading to aches and pains all over.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to reduce these symptoms - starting with your glasses.

How Can The Right Glasses Prevent Digital Eye Strain?

Wearing the right kind of glasses to give your eyes the support they need is a crucial step to reducing or eliminating eyestrain. Here are some tips:

  • If you wear glasses or contacts but continue to experience eyestrain, consult with your eye doctor to make sure your prescription is up to date. Even a minor change in your prescription can result in clearer, easier vision - and less strain on your eyes.
  • Depending on your job, glasses may help reduce eyestrain. Take advantage of advancements in lens technology that may help reduce eye fatigue from long days looking at a screen.
  • Eyestrain can also affect people who work outdoors, especially in bright sunlight. Wearing sunglasses with the proper UV rating can reduce glare and eyestrain.

So if the long hours at work are affecting your health, try taking care of your eyes as a first step.